Washington DC Attractions For Families


When you come to Washington with your family remember that your kids might get tired of all the historical museums and memorials.  Try to take your kids on a trip that they will remember by visiting museums and attractions that they will enjoy and remember for the rest of their life.  The best Washington DC attractions for families are the National Air and Space Museum, the National Building Museum and the Capitol Children’s Museum. Considered one of the best Washington DC attractions for families, the National Air and Space Museum will be the icing on the cake for your vacation.  The museum has many interesting things for the whole family.  They will be able to pilot different kinds of airplanes and jets in flight simulators.  Or they can visit the interactive gallery and learn how … [Read more...]

Washington DC Attractions For Kids


If you are planning on a family trip there are many Washington DC attractions for kids.  You may want to stop by all of the memorials that Washington DC has to offer, but to make this trip unforgettable for you and your kids there are a few places that you cannot miss. Busch Gardens in Williamsburg has been voted for 16 years as the most beautiful theme park.  The whole family will have a blast riding more than the 50 rides that Busch Gardens has to offer.  Busch Gardens also has the world tallest and floorless roller coaster that dives.  It is easy to get to by car or by taking a train from Union Station. One of the best Washington DC attractions for kids is Six Flags America.  Six Flags America is a theme park that also has a water park, the Hurricane Harbor Water Park.  The park … [Read more...]

Washington DC Attractions


There are hundreds of things to do in Washington DC.  But if you have limited time you may want to see just the main attractions.  Use this list to help you see all of Washington DC attractions and you will have a great time. Overlooking the reflecting pool is the Lincoln Memorial.  Also by the pool is the Washington Monument and the US Capitol.  Inside you will find a 19 foot statue made entirely out of marble of President Lincoln.  The statue of Lincoln has his Second Inaugural Address and the Gettysburg Address on either side.  If you only see one thing in all of Washington DC, make sure that you visit the Lincoln Memorial. Also by the reflecting pool is the Washington Monument.  It is made of marble, sandstone and granite and it is the tallest obelisk in the world.  Construction … [Read more...]